• Dress Code

    Students are encouraged to take pride in their personal appearance. Cleanliness, neatness, modesty, safety, and their effect on the learning environment are the standards that should guide choice of dress and grooming. Students are not appropriately dressed if they are a disturbing influence in class or school due to their manner of dress. If a teacher considers a student’s clothing inappropriate, he/she will be asked to call a parent to bring a change of clothing. The school administration may change the dress code expectations below if a trend during the school year becomes a distraction or is inappropriate for school. Parents will be notified if there is a change in the dress code.


    Dress Code Expectations:

    •  Shoes must be worn at all times.  Cleats, shoes with rollers in them, or bare feet are not permitted. Please wear shoes appropriate for recess and playing on the playground. Always wear sneakers on PE days.


    • Shorts may be worn by students in all grades if they fit appropriately. They must be no higher than the end of the child’s fingertips when his/her arms are resting at the sides.


    • A shirt should be long enough not to show the stomach.  Sleeveless tops must have straps at least 2 inches wide.  Undergarments should not be visible through clothes. 


    • Pants will be worn at the natural waist, NO sagging.  Teachers and office staff will use zip ties through belt loops to keep pants at the natural waist.


    • T-shirts with certain advertisements or anything deemed inappropriate by school personnel are not allowed. If there is a question of whether it can be worn or not, please do not wear it.


    • Hats or the hood of sweaters or jackets are not to be worn at school. A staff member will ask the child to remove either. The only exception is a spirit day when a hat can be worn.


    • Outrageous hair styles, hair coloring, designs, make-up, body piercing, or jewelry that might interfere with learning are not permitted.  Earrings for boys must not be distracting as determined by school personnel.


    • Students are not allowed to wear or carry bandanas to school.