• Photography Magnet

    Year 1
    WF8150 Digital Art Photography PreAP  required
    (art principles, photography, Photoshop, graphic design, InDesign)

    Year 2
    WT 7207 Commercial Photography required
    (commercial photography, Photoshop, studio lighting, video shooting/editing, Premiere Pro, Excel spreadsheets)

    Year 3 
    WF 8124 Photo 2 PreAp required

    Year 4 
    WF8133 2 Dimen. AP
    (required Senior Portfolio class)

    Commercial Photography
    The Commercial Photography course sequence comprises hands-on classes with shooting assignments spanning the full school year. The goal is to add professional digital imaging to RHS graduates' employment skills for entry level positions in any imaging business. Employing digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras and actual studio lighting tools, students learn professional level shooting and lighting techniques. Students extensively train in Adobe Photoshop, creating, processing and enhancing photographic projects for their class portfolios. The courses include:

    • pre-visualization of images
    • professional composition
    • individual and group poses
    • arrangement of still lifes
    • professional communication and etiquette
    • lighting techniques for all subjects
    • visual artistry as communication
    • architecture, conceptual & product assignments
    • extensive Photoshop & photo-illustration techniques


    Art Photography
    The Art Photography sequence at RHS merges foundation photography concepts with today's hottest digital tools. Traditional tools from 35mm, to high-end view cameras are introduced as a hands-on reference. With the introduction to black & white, and gradually adding color film lessons, students develop traditional pre-visualization concepts and image planning skills.
    Darkroom techniques are modeled extensively through the year, using Adobe Photoshop as the modern darkroom equivalent, exceeding even the most advanced analog darkrooms. Once Photoshop is mastered, intrinsic artistic possibilities are explored in hands-on assignments in all areas of traditional photographic art and material. Using highresolution digital pigment printers, students choosing to create portfolios print a museum-quality collection of their coursework images, adding imaging tool skills to the students' working palettes. Black & white, as well as color composition adds depth to their personal portfolios of prints, video and web shows.
    The courses include:

    • Safety and tools
    • Electricity and lighting basics
    • F-stop/shutter speed relationship
    • Mixed media applications
    • Giclee pigment printing
    • Slide shows

    While both courses include camera access at school, each student may work outside of class with a personal camera. In addition to visual graphics, students learn 34 Rules & Techniques for Visual Composition, and train in various photographic products and equipment. Students also review professional career opportunities and economics in the field of photography.


    Photography Magnet Honors, Requirements and Expectations
    All magnet students must maintain an appropriate grade average and behavior as specified in the Magnet handbook.
    Additionally, all students must:

    • maintain at least an 85 average in Freshmen, Sophomore and Senior AP 2D Design Classes.
    • pass a Social Media class with an 80 or above.
    • enroll in and deliver to the College Board a 2D Design Portfolio for the exam.
    • provide a copy of the Magnet Portfolio Book for the classroom library to inspire future Magnet students.

    Students who have met these requirements and expectations earn the Photography Magnet Medal to wear at graduation, along with any other medals won at competitions.