• The Science Magnet strand integrates math, science and technology in a collaborative approach maximizing the tools of science and the benefits of systems-thinking. The goal is to train life-long, scientific, forward thinkers: proficient in the scientific method, sensitive to the environment, oriented to theory and application, flexible and effective in embracing emerging technologies.
    The continuous improvement model innate to the scientific method is emphasized across all levels of study. Through unique offerings, students can pursue engineering, medicine and biotechnology, as well as earth, soil, plant and space sciences, with a consistent environmental examination throughout. At each stage, as they master research, experimentation, results and potential solutions, they also evaluate ecological effects on society, energy and the environment. Math, science and technology courses are organized with the belief that: Math acceleration more quickly develops skills for advanced science; Science course progressions parallel the university theory/application approach; and Technology supports and provides formatting for math and science application.