• One of the most comprehensive theatre training programs available to high school students in the state of Texas!

     Actor Component (4 year program)
    Year 1 (Freshman): Stage Combat and Movement/Beginning Dance* Student learns basic dance, theatre games, connecting voice to movement, hand-to-hand stage combat, armed combat, basic tumbling, and pantomime. Student will participate in a performance designed to showcase these skills.

    Year 2 (Sophomore): Basic Acting Student learns improvisation skills, character development, auditioning techniques, and script interpretation. Student will audition for and be cast in a play designated as part of the show season. Magnet Theatre Supplies

    Year 3 (Junior): Directing for the Stage Student learns auditioning techniques for directors, design styles for the theatre, stage blocking and business, theatre program creation, and more. Student will complete a notebook project for use in class as well as college interviews and study playwriting in preparation for senior year activities. Each student will direct a one act play to be presented to the public as part of the theatre season.

    Year 4 (Senior): Advanced Acting Theory Student will participate in the creation of an original work for the senior show. Preparation for college auditions (for those moving into post-high school study), theatre appreciation, period acting styles, the business of theatre, and an introduction to acting for the camera are also included.

    *Some students may be allowed to enter the magnet their sophomore year without taking the freshman class. This will be based on audition and previous experience.

    Technician Component (4 year program)
    Year 1 (Freshman): Introduction to Technical Theatre Student learns tool safety, construction skills, basic painting techniques, basic lighting, costume, and sound. Student will participate in work calls and crews.

    Year 2 (Sophomore): Advanced Technical Theatre Concepts Student will continue to hone skills in painting, set construction, lights, costume, and sound as he or she begins to work towards a specialization in the one or two areas of technical theatre he or she enjoys the most. Basic design concepts will be introduced.

    Year 3 (Junior): Technical Theatre Leadership Student will learn advanced design skills in the areas of theatre that interest him or her. He or she will also participate in work calls and shows as a crew head and begin developing portfolios to submit for design projects for the following year.

    Year 4 (Senior): Theatrical Design and College Preparation Each student will be required to submit designs for the two large shows of the theatre season. All students will be a part of these design teams and participate in all major shows. Portfolios for college interviews will be finalized.