• Dress Code

    The following is unacceptable student attire at RHS:

    Ø  Bare midriff clothing, no exposure of stomach or lower back
    Ø  Straps on ladies’ tops less than ID badge width
    Ø  Low cut blouses/tops
    Ø  Sheer or see through clothing
    Ø  Shorts, dresses and skirts must be mid-thigh
    Ø  Form-fitting leggings or yoga-like pants must be covered by a top that reaches mid-thigh
    Ø  Baggy/sagging pants and/or shorts that expose underwear
    Ø  Head coverings (except for religious purposes)
    Ø  Sleeveless shirts – boys
    Ø  Exposed underwear
    Ø  Attire that is excessively worn, ragged, or holey that exposes undergarment area (Skin)
        (Tights may be worn underneath.)
    Ø  Pajamas/house-slippers/bare feet/absence of shoes
    Ø  Clothing, accessory or body art that shows or advertises nudity, alcohol, drugs, weapons,
         vulgar/suggestive language, gang related activities (including innuendo of these or otherwise implying them)
    Ø  Heavy chains, locks, or collars worn around neck & wrist, or connecting wallet to pants
    Ø  Towels or shirts worn around the neck, over the shoulder or outside of a pocket.
    Ø  Bandanas of any kind
    Ø  Any accessories that administration deems a distraction to the learning environment.