• RHSCompSci

    The RHS Computer Science Club has taken many names in the past (Computer Club, Programming Team, Computer Science Club).  We now refer to it as “RHSCompSci” since we cover so many various activities throughout the school year.  These include local programming contests hosted by high schools, universities, and corporate sponsored contests (Hewlett Packard’s Code Wars and Lockheed Martin’s Code Quest); online contests (Facebook’s Hacker Cup, and Google CodeJam); cyber-security contests (Air Force Association’s CyberPatriots cyber-security contest); hackathons (HackDFW, CANHacks, EagleHacks); and game programming and design contests (TCEA).  We are recognized as one of the best schools for computer science across the state due to our intense involvement and huge successes in programming competitions.

    Current Projects for 2017

    Autonomous Driving Car – A few students are participating in the Rose-Hulman Institute’s autonomous car challenge.  Students are given a model car which must navigate an undermined track on its own. 

    Digital Divas 2017 – Richardson High School is the chosen site for Digital Divas 2017, an all-girls programming contest and event.  This year’s event is being sponsored by AT&T.  Girls from all over the metroplex will convine at Richardson to participate in workshops, listen to guest speakers, and participate in a two-hour programming contest.  More information at www.digitaldivas.rocks.


    Computer Science Courses

    The courses in computer science the 2016-17 year include:

    • Computer Science I – an introductory course for students who are not quite prepared for AP CS
    • AP Computer Science – a rigorous course which prepares students for the AP Computer Science A exam
    • Computer Science II – an additional year of CS, which goes over more advanced topics
    • Computer Science III – more advanced topics are covered in this course, and self-study
    • AP Computer Science Principles – a new course for 2016-17 which focuses on the fundamentals of computer science (creativity, abstraction, data and information, algorithms, programming, the Internet, global impact)
    • Game Design & Programming – students learn the concepts of game design and creates games

    The Future of CS@RHS

    • Increase enrollment.
    • Dominate computer programming competitions and software & game design contests.
    • Continue partnerships with local universities (UTD, SMU, UNT).
    • Prepare students for industry.
    • Build relations with local businesses (Cisco, id Software, Gearbox, Samsung, Verizon, AT&T)

    Check us out on Facebook at facebook.com/RHSCompSci and Twitter at www.twitter.com/RHSCompSci