• Automotive

    Auto Tech Skills USA
    Students gain entry level experience in the Automotive repair industry.

    Courses Available at Richardson High School

    • Principles of Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (Grades 9, 10, 11, & 12)
      • Introduction to the automotive industry with focal points of areas of employment, tool identification, Safety, and Automobile general maintenance.
    • Auto Tech 1 Grades ( Prerequisite of Principles for Grades 9 and 10, open for Grades 11& 12)
      • Focal point of this class is Safety, Tool Identification, Brake System Diagnostic and Repair , Basic Electrical system Diagnostic and Repair.
    • Advanced Auto Tech (Prerequisite of Auto Tech 1 for Grades 11 and 12)
      • Focal Point of this class is Safety, Tool Identification, Steering Suspension & Alignments, and Engine Performance Diagnostics and Repair
    • Auto Tech 3 (12th Grade only who have completed Auto Tech 1 and Advanced Auto Tech)