• PHYSICAL EDUCATION:  Mrs. Tammy May - tammy.may@risd.org

    PE is an integral part of the total education of every child. Our goal is to provide a quality physical education program that will increase our students' physical competence, health-related fitness, self-responsibility, and enjoyment of physical activity so that they can be physically active for a lifetime.  After a foundation in motor development in the primary grades, students will participate in individual as well as team sports in grades 3 - 6. Our games and activities stress individual effort and skill improvement as well as cooperation and teamwork.  Some of the highlighted activities are:

    • Jump Rope for Heart
    • Hoop Shoot
    • Marathon for Kids
    • Fitnessgram – Physical Fitness Testing
    • Nutrition

    THE ARTS: Mrs. Anne Gallo - anne.gallo@risd.org

    Art:  this is part of our regular school day and meet with our on staff art teacher Mrs. Gallo to create that one of kind pieces of art.  Students also take field trips to local museums.

    Band:   is a great opportunity for 6th graders to learn to play a musical istruments.  The class meets every day for 45 minutes during the regular school day.  They also have concerts ad competitions at Sandy Lake.

    Orchestra:  is for 6th graders who would like to learn a string instrument  The class meets very day for 45 minutes during the school day.  They also have concerts and competitions at Sandy Lake.

    Choir:  meets once a week with our music teacher Ms. Grogan.  They have many school performances as well as performances in the community.

    MUSIC:  Ms. Kait Grogan - KaitLynne.Grogan@risd.org