Wallace is a uniform school. Although it is not mandatory, we highly encourage students to wear their uniforms. Our school uniforms are khaki, black, or navy bottoms with a red, white, or navy top.  We do provide incentives for students who are dressed for success:  A student is considered to be dressed for success if they are in any color polo shirt with khaki, black, or navy bottoms.  As a segue into junior high, sixth grade will not have to adhere to the uniform policy.  Students are not appropriately attired if their mode of dress is a distracting/disturbing influence in class or school.


    The waistband of jeans, shorts, and slacks should be at the student’s natural waist.  Hats or caps shall not be worn in the building.  Examples of inappropriate or distracting clothing include:

    ♦ skirts which are revealing and/or shorter than fingertip length. Student in 3-6 wearing leggings must waer a dress or long shirt that reaches thier finger tips over the leggings. 

    ♦ shorts which are shorter than fingertip length

    ♦ blouses/shirts which do not cover the midriff, tank tops, or halter tops

    ♦ clothing with any slogans, pictures, or advertisements that are objectionable, suggestive, alcohol-related or drug-related

    ♦ No over-sized necklaces and large medallions

    ♦ No spaghetti straps

    ♦ No hats, sweat bands, caps, hoods, or headgear of any kind.

    ♦ No oversized or sagging clothes


     The school staff will monitor student dress.  If the teacher considers a student’s attire inappropriate or not in compliance with the dress code, the student will be asked to telephone his/her parent for a change of clothing.  

     On P.E. days, students should wear soft rubber-soled tennis/athletic shoes that give the foot lateral support.  No leather soles, hard rubber soles, sandals or flip-flops may be worn in the gym.

     Information from the Student-Parent Guidebook of Conduct

  • Feel free to wear wolf gear and colors on Fridays.

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