• dress code







    Students are encouraged to wear the Dobie uniform which is:
    ● red shirt or Dobie spirit t-shirt
    ● blue bottoms
    ● closed toe shoes

    The school staff will monitor student dress. If the teacher considers a student's attire inappropriate, the student may be sent to the office for the principal's determination. Should the principal consider the dress inappropriate a phone call will be made to the parent/guardian for a change of clothing.


    Examples of inappropriate or distracting clothing include, but are not limited to:
    ● skirts which are revealing and/or shorter than fingertip length;
    ● shorts which are shorter than fingertip length - this includes athletic running shorts;
    ● blouses/shirts which do not cover the midriff, tank tops, or halter tops;
    ● clothing with any slogans, pictures, or advertisements that are objectionable, suggestive, alcohol-related or drug-related;
    ● no spaghetti straps;
    ● no hats, sweat bands, caps, hoods,or headgear of any kind