• Are you highly creative? Have a flare for journalism? Would you enjoying filming, creating commercials, making movies, acting or reporting? Want to be a DJ or radio personality? How about producing news broadcasts for the whole school?

     The 7th grade course, open to all students, explores the art and history of media while learning technical and interpersonal aspects of the industry. For the 8th grade course, students are selected by audition, a creative project, and prior grades and behavior in 7th grade. They study more advanced editing techniques, begin movie making and script writing, and are responsible for the daily school news. After completion of the 8th grade year, students earn 1 CTE high school credit. 

     Leading edge technologies are revolutionizing the way we process and share information. Communication Arts brings a digital fusion of the arts, film, radio, TV, and journalism to the next generation.  


    For more information about this program please contact the Director of the Communication Arts Magnet, Maribel Alvarez at (469) 593-3700 or maribel.alvarez@risd.org or visit the West Communication Arts website at this link.


    Comm Arts students working.        

  • Director of Communication Arts Magnet

    Maribel Alvarez