• Geared towards the mathematical brain, with a heavy emphasis on technology, the Robotics Magnet deals with designing, building, and improving previous designs. Are you interested in building anything you would like and learning how everyday machines and tools work? Come and join us in the Robotics Magnet.

    The 7th grade course is open to all students and explores the beginning aspect of engineering. We create computer programs, blue prints for different construction ideas, and learn how to build simple and complex machines. In the 8th grade course, students are selected by an application process, prior grades and behavior in 7th grade. Students study more advanced building utilizing Vex Robotics pieces and designing different projects. Additionally, they learn how to program their own robots and how to make each robot completely autonomous. Additionally, students in this course get a further understanding of programming and designing blueprints for their designs. After the completion of the course, students earn 1 CTE High School Credit.

     This program will show students the importance of math and technology and how it is incorporated in our everyday society.

    For more information about the robotics program contact the Director of the Robotics Magnet, Marco Myers at (469) 593 – 3757 or marco.myers@risd.org


    Robotics students working.