• Art at Hamilton Park


    Visual Arts students receive sequentially-based instruction in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for art through four basic strands: perception, creative expression, historical and cultural heritage, and critical evaluation . The Visual Arts program emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and expressing one's own ideas and feelings in original and real-world ways. Studio experiences with art materials and technology form the basis of the program, with study of design, cultural and historical concepts, and critical evaluation of art forms integral to it.


    Sixth Grade Musical


    During preparation for the annual 6th grade musical, students have the option of participating in the Set and Scenery crew. The Set and Scenery Crew designs and creates set pieces and a backdrop for the production. 


    Art Fest

    In May of every year, an art festival called Art Fest is held at Hamilton Park. During Art Fest, students can visit an array of booths and make various arts and crafts projects. Students are also invited to audition and perform at our talent show, which takes place in the midst of the festival. We enjoy the help of many parent volunteers for this joyous celebration of the arts!