• Visitors and Cafeteria Information


    According to Texas State Law, all persons entering the school building are required to register in the office. Parents who come to school to bring lunches, books, etc. or to pick up children for appointments must handle this in the office.


    A complete hot lunch program is offered. Free and reduced-price meals are provided in accordance with the National School Lunch and Child Nutrition programs. Food Stamp/AFDC households qualify for this program. Apply through the school office or online.


    A breakfast program is offered between 7:20 and 7:40 a.m. Students who qualify for free/reduced lunches are also eligible for free/reduced breakfast. Other students may purchase breakfast. Students who are having breakfast should go directly to the cafeteria upon entering the school.


    Parents may prepay for lunches or pay with cash/check directly to the cafeteria. Please visit PayPams to learn more about the pre-payment process. Every student who goes through the cafeteria line is assigned an account number that functions similar to a debit account.


    In order to maintain safety and order in the cafeteria, while efficiently feeding all students in a short time period, Big Springs students are expected to be respectful of others and model appropriate behaviors. A reward system is in place to recognize students and classes who consistently follow these procedures.


    Lunch visitors are welcome beginning the Fourth week of school, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. This allows students to adjust to routines and expectations. Visitors are requested to visit occasionally rather than every day, allowing students the opportunity to interact socially with their classmates. Tables are designated for visitors and their child only. Due to limited space, guests are asked not to sit at the classroom tables. Children may not invite other students to the guest table.


    BIRTHDAYS: Birthday treats are not allowed during lunch or instructional time. Cakes, cupcakes, pizza, and other treats, can not be shared with classmates. Flowers and balloons are not permitted. If you would like to acknowledge your child’s birthday, please send a small non-edible treat such as a pencil, eraser, or other similar item to share with the class. These will be distributed to classmates at the end of the school day.