• Dobie Academics



    In the Classroom

    In the classroom, students work on various skills such as literacy, numeracy, and social-emotional skills. Pre-K is such an important grade level as it is the foundation of all learning. Students are discovering numbers, shapes, letters, and sounds as well as identifying their emotions. Every day that a child enters their pre-k classroom is an opportunity for learning! 

    Wednesday Envelopes

    Communication from Dobie will be sent home every Wednesday.  Please check the folder for any updated information from the principal or the teacher.  Make sure to return the envelope the following school day.  If your signature is required on a specific document, please sign and place it inside the Wednesday Envelope.  

    Progress Monitoring

    Teachers will share students' progress throughout the school year. Parent conferences will also occur at least twice a year. Parents are always welcome to request a parent conference anytime during the school year. RISD does not send home report cards for pre-k students. 

    What can parents do for their child?

    Other than reading, the most important thing parents can do for their children is to talk with them.  Encourage them to answer in complete sentences. Children whose parents consistently talk to them about daily routines and responsibilities like preparing meals, taking care of the home, and shopping for groceries generally have a larger vocabulary. Exposing children to new experiences and talking with them about it helps them build a strong language foundation. 




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