• The RISD Excellence in Education Foundation is the Foundation for Richardson Public Schools, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit education foundation. The mission of the Foundation is to promote enrichment, innovation and excellence in education throughout the Richardson Independent School District. 


    The Foundation and its supporters are working to provide sufficient and resilient funding for district initiatives not covered by state funding.


    Our Values & Our Work:  “We value public education.  We believe quality public education to be the right of every child; fundamental to our democratic society; and essential to the quality of life in the RISD community.”


    “We advocate for public education.  We are advocates for community involvement, accountability, continuous improvement – excellence in education.  We generate resources for public education.  We facilitate investments in RISD schools from public, private and philanthropic sources.”


    Funds:  To complement initiatives of the district not covered by state funding, the Foundation sets aside funds for grants to teachers for professional development at the individual and campus level in addition to funds for classroom supplies through its E-3 Grant Program.  Moreover, substantial named awards recognize outstanding teachers and administrators and schools as well as provide scholarships for qualifying seniors for post secondary education.

    The Foundation houses and administers a variety of restricted funds that may address specific, district-wide academic needs or campus-specific needs.


    Excellence in Education Funds:  Individual schools may establish funds to be used for academic enhancements and enrichments that address school-specific needs not otherwise met through the general operating budget.  The Local School Council under the direction of the school principal provides guidance for grant disbursements.


    Affiliated Funds:  Individuals or community based groups may establish funds that address specific educational interests or needs, or that provides support for a variety of activities or projects determined by the Foundation board of directors to fit its mission and the needs of RISD.


    Scholarship Funds: The Foundation administers a variety of scholarships that provide assistance to graduating RISD students pursuing post-secondary education. 


    Board of Directors: The Foundation Board of Directors is comprised of civic leaders, corporate executives, educators, and community volunteers who are committed to excellence in education and to supporting the students and teachers of the Richardson ISD.


    For more information about the Excellence in Education Foundation, please visit www.risdfoundation.org or contact elizabeth.hart@risdfoundation.org.