note Wallace Choir

    What is choir?

    If you like to sing, then the Wallace Choir is the place for you! In choir, we learn teamwork, perserverence, good singing technique, and a lot of cool songs. This year, we will perform for the school, parents, and go on two field trips to share music with people in our community

    Chior is for any 5th or 6th grader and meets on Weednesday's at 3:15-4:15.

    How can I join choir?

    Mr. Lara and Mrs. Cole will have auditions for choir during your music class. If you are interested in joining choir, sing the audition song with a small group!

    You will also need to sign and turn in the choir contract. Mr. Lara and Mrs. Cole will hand these out during music class.


    To find out more talk to Ms. Cole or Mr. Lara