• Request a Transcript

    Former Students and Alumni:

    Former students needing a Transcript have to order their Official Transcripts through Parchment. Once you create an account, you can have your transcripts sent to any destination. This includes 2020 graduates.

    How does Parchment Work?:  

    BHS has partnered with Parchment to send your official transcripts digitally. Create an account to place an order on the Parchment website.  Parchment delivers your transcript electronically or by mail depending on how you request the document. You can log in at any time to track your orders.


    Current BHS Students:


    At this time, please request all transcripts through your Naviance Account. Please allow 2 business days for processing. 

    Class of 2021 starting in August of 2021: How to request your transcript in Naviance: 

    1. Students can sign in to their Class Link Accounts. 
    2. Click on the Naviance Icon.
    3. Current seniors can then click on College's I am Applying to.
    4. Click on Manage Transcripts
    5. Click on the pink plus sign and add your Request there. 
      • Make sure you select if it is for a College or Other
      • If it is for Other, make sure you provide all the information needed to send the request.
      • If it needs to be sent to a scholarship via email, we will do that only if you provide that email in the note section of the request in Naviance. 
    6. You can check the submission status once the transcript is sent. 

    Class of 2020 must set up their Parchment Accounts to send their FINAL TRANSCRIPTS. Final transcripts are not sent to colleges until all final grades are posted around the middle of June.