• Test Fee Waivers

    What is a Fee Waiver?: 

    If you are testing on a national test date and can't afford the registration fee for the SAT or ACT with writing, you may be eligible for an SAT and /or ACT FeeWaiver.  Note that there are two forms of fee waivers: one for taking the ACT/SAT test and Application waivers.  

    To be eligible for fee waivers, students  have to be on free and reduced lunch or eligible for free and reduced lunch.
    If you know you are eligible, but you are not on free and reduced lunch, you may go to the front office to obtain the form to be placed on free and reduced lunch.  This process is not instant and may take a few weeks to be processed.

    How Many can I get?:

    Berkner High School gives 2 waivers for the general SAT test and 2 for the ACT Test.  Students can also get 2 SAT Subject test waivers if the student qualifies for free or reduced lunch. 

    How do I get them?:

    Students should sign up to see Ms. Durham for fee waivers and she can verify they are on free and reduced lunch.   Students need to request to see Ms. Durham in Naviance in order to be called down to register with a waiver.

    How do I get fee waivers for college applications?:

    After a student uses one waiver to take the SAT test, College Board places electronic Application Fee waivers in their college board account for students to use to apply to college once the test is scored. Students are only given 4 fee waivers to apply to college from the SAT.  Students are also given ACT waivers if they used a waiver to take the ACT test.  You can get the ACT Application Waivers from Ms. Durham. 

    College Testing

    To register for the test and view the test dates, visit these links below:

    FREE Study Prep for the Tests:

    Students should go into these tests as prepared as possible. Free practice test are available for both the SAT and the ACT test. Click on the link below for more details:

    Sending your Test Scores:

    It is the students’ responsibility to send their ACT and SAT test scores to the colleges. RISD does not put test scores on transcripts. Helpful hint: After signing up, students have 9 days to send the scores for free. If a student chooses to wait to send the score, it will cost between $12-13.50 per score needed to send to each individual school.


    The Texas Success Initiative Assessment, better known as the TSI test, is a program which determines the appropriate level of college course work for an incoming student. The TSI test consists of three separate exams: Mathematics, Reading, and Writing. Although there are several criteria which exempt a student from the need for this program, many incoming college students in Texas will be required to take them. Other than the essay portion, the exams themselves are multiple choice and computer adaptive, as questions increase or decrease in difficulty based upon previous answers. Successful scoring on the TSI proves your readiness for college-level course work and will save you substantial time and money by allowing you to avoid remedial classes once you are enrolled as a college student.  This test is required for students who want to take Dual Credit. 

    ALL graduating seniors must check with the college they are planning to attend to see what their TSI requirements are and where/how to test. You can find this information on their college websites under the TESTING page.

    RISD provides the TSI Test to all 10th graders in the spring semester. Any student who wants to retest must do so on their own at Richland College.