• Applying to College

    Students should not start the application process for college admission until after July 1st of their senior year.

    College Search:

    Summer is a great time for students to visit colleges. This is the time when students should narrow their college applications down to 3 or 4.  Use Naviance Super Match College Search in the colleges tab to begin searching. You can view admissions, majors, and other information about the school you are interested in applying to.

    How to Apply:

    This is actually easy if everything else above has already been done.  Below, are the top two websites that we use for applying. Ultimately, you should always check to see what application the colleges accept by visiting their websites for undergraduate admissions.

    College Testing 101:

    I suggest taking both the ACT and the SAT test. Some students score better on one over the other. Institutions are looking for and will take the highest test score from one test date for admissions. All scores must be received by the deadline date. If a college deadline date is December 1st, students should test prior to that test date to ensure that the scores are received by the college on time.  It normally takes about one month to get your official scores back.

    To register for the test, visit these links below:

    FREE Study Prep for the Tests:

    Students should go into these tests as prepared as possible. Free practice test are available for both the SAT and the ACT test. Click on the link below for more details:

    How to send your Test Scores to the Colleges: 

    It is the students’ responsibility to send their ACT and SAT test scores to the colleges. RISD does not put test scores on transcripts.  Helpful hint: After signing up, students have 9 days to send the scores for free. If a student chooses to wait to send the score, it will cost between $12-13.50 per score needed to send to each individual school.

    Write the College Essays:

    College essay prompts are available by March of a students junior year.  Go online to view which essay topics your college is asking you to write on the insitution's website. Read samples of good writing. Colleges want to see how well you write and if you can answer the question with-in the prompt. Make sure to stay with-in the word limits for each essay.  Keep the essay short and to the point...but make sure you are answering all of the questions!!!

    Write the College Resume:

    A student sample can be found within Naviance under the Resume section to help students start.  While this is not a requirement for most colleges, it is often recommended to submit one with the student’s application.  There is no need to send a resume if it is not listed on the colleges application check list for admissions. You can now download your Naviance resume in to a word document for easy editing if needed.

    Students should make a checklist with school specific deadlines:

    Make sure you pay attention to deadlines. Do not wait until the last minute to complete an application. Often times there are many other steps that open up after you submit the initial application.