• Letters of Recommendation

    Not every school requires letters of recommendation by a teacher or counselor. Research the school you are applying to before you request a letter. If you know you need a letter/ form, you should speak with or email your counselor/ and or teacher at least three weeks before the deadline. It is best to communicate this information before senior year as counselors and teachers are incredible busy when the school year begins.

    Students can use the electronic BRAG Sheet to use as a guide to give to any teacher or counselor who is writing them a letter of recommendation. This document can be found in Naviance at the bottom of the home page under “Document Resources”. It is in the Letter of Recommendation Folder.

    Students using Apply Texas: (State Schools)

    If a state school requires/ allows a letter of recommendation (this should be done by your teacher) and it will be mailed or sent electronically in Naviance depending on the symbol found next to the school in Naviance. If the school you are applying to does not accept electronic communication indicated by a stamp symbol, you will provide a stamp and envelope to your teacher for them to mail the letter to the college.

    Students using the Common Application (Private or Prestigious Universities)

    If you are using the Common Application, you will, first, link your Common App account to Naviance. You will then ask 1 teacher and 1 counselor to write and upload a letter of recommendation and complete the Common App form in Naviance.  It is your responsibility to communicate with your teachers and counselors that you are using the common app and need a letter of rec and a common app form to be completed in Naviance.

    Requesting Teachers to Upload Letters Electronically in Naviance:

    Once a teacher has agreed to write a letter, and you know it can be submitted in Naviance, you will follow this procedure:

    Submitting an upload request in for TEACHERS in Naviance

    • Under the College Page, scroll down to Letters of Recommendations in the middle of the page and click on it.
    • Select a teacher from the list and in the “Notes” remind them of the information about writing the letter that you have already given them.
    • Click on “update requests” at the bottom

    For counselors, email them with the information provided above and attach the BRAG sheet with the email. Their names will not be found in the drop down menu. You need to communicate with them through e-mail and face to face.

    Note: You may request someone outside of school to write a letter, but they will not be able to send electronically.