• Scholarships

    BHS posts scholarships for students to apply for in their Naviance account. This is THE FIRST place students should check for scholarships. Finding scholarship money isn't as hard as we might think, but it takes time. Use the tabs under scholarships to navigate through your possible resources.

    BHS post all scholarships in one of several places:

    • Students get an email to their district email account
    • BHS Naviance Page under the Scholarship section
    • BHS Twitter page
    • In the BHS Counseling office (blue folders)

    Community/Local Scholarship Applications can be sent to Ms. Durham via email or you can bring them to the Counseling Office. 

    Search Engines: 

    Check out these websites and create accounts to get scholarships that you qualify for emailed directly to you!

    This offers some tips and tricks for students trying to find scholarships. There is money out there! Good Luck!

    Tips for finding Scholarships

    A Note to National Merit "Potential Scholars:"

    The PSAT/ NMSQT is the official national merit scholarship qualifying test. The score for program recognition is the sum of critical reading, math, and writing. The state of Texas takes the top 16,000 highest scores and labels them as students qualifying for the National Merit Scholarship. We cannot be sure what the exact cut off score may be every year because it is different. If you or your student qualifies for this award, you will receive this information in September of the following year. Scholarships are only awarded to a small number of national merit scholars. Just because you reach national merit scholar status does not guarantee a scholarship however many schools offer full ride scholarships to students who meet national merit status.