• Service Learning Hours

    Students graduating in 2017 and thereafter must have completed a minimum of sixty (60) hours of volunteer service hours between June 1 prior to 9th grade and March 31 of their senior year. Students may earn qualifying service hours by participating in volunteer activities through school clubs, civic organizations, community organizations, charitable organizations, religious organizations, youth organizations, or through individual activities.

    Students may not count hours for activities for which the student received any money or other financial benefit for participating/assisting in.  Students must preform an act of service...giving back...in order for the hours to be approved. 

    • Students will earn a minimum of 5 hours during 9th grade
    • Students will earn a minimum of 10 hours during 10th grade
    • Students will earn a minimum of 15 hours during 11th grade
    • Students will earn a minimum of 30 hours during 12th grade
    • Total Hours = 60

    Students are encouraged to enter in hours as they complete them and must provide a detailed description of the services provided.

    Hours are tracked and logged in Naviance using x2VOL and are approved every Friday. Students will receive an email notification once hours are approved or denied. Denied hours always include direction on why the hours were denied and what to do to resubmit the hours again.