• What is KWAL?

    KWAL is the student morning broadcast where students gather news, write scripts, and deliver the news to all of Wallace on video each morning. It's like being a news anchor for the Wallace community!

    When does Maker club meet? 

    KWAL meets each morning Tuesday-Friday to record the news. KWAL meetings are Friday afternoons from 3:00-4:00.

    Who can join Maker club?

     Any fifth or sixth grader can audition for KWAL!


    How can I join Maker Club?

    Students interested in KWAL should audition at the beginning of each school year.

    -KWAL students are held the highest standards because they are the face of Wallace each morning.

    - KWAL students are expected to maintain a satisfactory in conduct.

    -KWAL students must have a ride home from meetings on Friday afternoons.


    Who can I talk to abut Maker Club?

    Mrs. Boone and Mrs. Hoyt