• Counseling Directory

    All Counselors work with students in grades 9 to 12. Students are assigned to a Counselor by the student's last name. If the student has two last names, they are assigned by their first last name.

    Support Staff

  • Google Chat: besucher@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: blarrington@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: fwwoods@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: jdanderson1@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: mariedavis@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: pbowie@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: squintan@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: tnickleb@g.risd.org
  • Google Chat: vladams@g.risd.org
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