• These answers we feel are best and will modify weekly as needed while we assess how to safely serve our students in the VLCs and xPlore. We are ever mindful to remain in compliance with all local, state, and national health authorities in addition to the Governor’s mandate for emergency guidelines for all licensed child care centers. 


    1.  Will age groups mix?

         A. Age groups, if mixed, will do so accordingly. 3 and 4 year olds, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th. We're anticipating having a group for each grade level at the very least though.


    2.  What is the student to teacher ratio?

         A.  PreK-3 will be 1:5

         B.  4th-6th grade: 1:10


    3.  What time would he need to picked up and how early can he be dropped off?

         A.  Students may be dropped off as early as 7:00 AM and picked up no later than 5:00 PM.


    4.  Where on campus will the three year old VLC children be located?

         A.  We will use Pre-K classrooms where we are able to. In some cases, we are creating classrooms in the gym.


    5. Will it be the same teachers daily?

         A.  We will have two shifts of employees daily. The AM shift will work until 2:30 PM and the afternoon shift will arrive at 2:00 PM.


    6. Will the PreK students (3 year olds) take naps? If so, do we send a nap mat?
         A.  Yes. Students will be allowed to take a 1.5 hour nap each day. 4 year olds will take an hour nap. You will not need to bring a nap mat.
    7. Are water bottles allowed?
         A. Yes
    8. Do students need to wear a mask? If so, will this include the 3 year olds?
         A. Yes, all students will be required to wear a face mask per Dr. Stone's video on Thursday, July 30, 2020.
    9. Are we allowed to drop/pick students up anytime or do they need to be there during school hours?
        A.  Please do not drop off after their virtual learning begins or pick up before it's over.


    10.  If I'm working an A/B schedule, can I still use the VLC?

           A. Yes, on the days you are working from your campus or building, you are allowed to use the VLC.


    11.  I am wondering what kind of staff will be working with the K-2 VLC’s in terms of level of education/training/support. 

           A. We have staff who regularly work for xPlore and their education varies. However, all have received training as it pertains to after school programming.  Additionally, we will provide specific training as it pertains to our response to COVID and how to support and assist students during virtual learning. Paraprofessionals from across the district will aslo work in the VLCx.


    12.  How is the school he would attend at determined? Would it be the location closest to our home? 

           A.  You are able to choose which school to attend.


    13.  May students bring a lunch from home?

           A.  Students who bring a lunch are asked to bring a lunch that can be thrown away. If avoidable, please do not send tubberware type containers.


    14.  If I'm an employee of the district but my kid goes to another district, can they attend?

           A.  Yes. But please be sure to bring their shot records to campus on the first day as well as their device to attend their virtual school. If your child will not begin virtual school until later, please provide activities for him/her.


    15. What will be the ratios to teacher? Who are you placing in the positions for VLC’S, teachers, para’s  or subs? Are they certified?

          A. We will use a combination of available instructional paraprofessionals, xPlore staff and certified subs. We will not have any certified teachers.


    16.  Will students be divided into grade levels or by K-2, 3-6?  How will the children be placed so that it’s developmentally appropriate?

         A. When possible, we will place age levels together. If we do need to mix a group, it will only be with a level below or one level above their current grade level.


    17.  If I do say that we are using the VLC does that mean that my children could possibly not have the teacher from our home campus at a virtual teacher?

          A.  No. The VLC staff will be responsible for facilitating and supporting the virtual instruction and doesn’t impact your child’s home campus or teacher assignment.


    18.  My child is on a 504 plan and made wonderful growth last year with his teachers. If in VLC, would he be with his teachers to continue on with his goals? How will you meet his 504 goals in this setting? 

        A. We ask that parents please disclose this information on their application so that we may work with their teacher to make the VLC as successful as possible for your child.


    19.  Will I be provided a schedule of my child’s day in VLC like you have provided parents for online learning? When is lunch, specials, break times?

           A.  The VLC team will be following the virtual schedule for each grade level which will include lunch period, recess, etc. Yes, we will work on releasing a schedule. We ask that all parents please forward their child's virtual schedule to xPlore@risd.org once it is received. We will follow that schedule for the day.


    20. Will my children be placed in a location that is with their peers of our feeder pattern? 

          A.  You will be able to choose the school of choice.


    21.  Why and how is it safe for my children to be in a class size/group size but not safe for the general population?

         A.  We are providing this as a service for essential workers (teachers) but due to the current health order we cannot serve/support anyone else other than essential workers on campus at this time.


    22. What will happen if/when the VLC needs to shut down for a period of time?

        A.  If this was to occur, than the teachers of those students would have to work remotely at home during that time.


    23What items will my child need to bring?

        A.  Along with their device, your child may bring these items along with their backpack.

                      *Extra learning materials to complete work provided by their virtual teacher

                      *Headphones/Earbuds for their device (These will help in the event that student schedules

                           vary who are in the same room.)

                      *Bottled water

                      *NON-RISD Students, please bring shot records

                      *If you have students who will need medication administered during the day and you

                           received an email from RISD Health Services, please bring the forms that were emailed

                           to you and give them to the VLC Site Coordinator who will greet you at the door when

                           you arrive.


    24.  May I walk my 3 year old to her classroom?

        A.  Yes, all parents will be allowed to walk their child to the classroom the first week of the VLCs. We ask that you allow the Site Coordinator who will greet you when you arrive to take your temperature and ask you the screener questions.