• Scheduling FAQs

    1. Can I switch from Face-to-Face learning to Virtual?
      • All parents will have the opportunity to change their student's Learning Model at the end of each Quarter.
      • Communication will go out via email, text, automated phone call and newsletter.
      • Parents will not receive individual/personal phone calls from any faculty or staff member to facilitate the change of a student's Learning Model.
    2. Can I take classes Virtual and Face-to-Face?
      • You cannot have a combination of Virtual and Face-to-Face classes.
    3. Can I drop a class because I changed my mind? Can I drop a class at any time during the school year or summer?
      • Because we hire teachers based on your Course Request and Verification in the Spring, students cannot drop a class because they changed their minds.
      • We also have deadlines set in place by the Texas Education Agency therefore we cannot make schedule changes after certain times.
    4. Can I drop AVID Univ 9 or AVID Univ 10?
      • Because Berkner is now a STEM Academy, all 9th and 10th graders are required to take AVID Univ 9 or AVID Univ 10. Both are college prepatory classes and are for credit.
    5. Can I take a class offered at another RISD school?
      • Although you might have had a non-Berkner teacher while attending classes Virtually prior to September 7th, most Berkner students now have Berkner teachers.
      • That option is no longer available.
    6. How do I know if my student’s schedule has changed?
      • Parents, please click here for instructions on how to set up a Parent Focus Account and view your student's schedule.
    7. How will I know how to access my Virtual classes?
      • Your teacher will email you ASAP.
    8. How do I know what school supplies I need for my classes?
      • Your teachers will give you a school supply list.
    9. I thought I was supposed to be in a certain class during a certain period. What happened?
      • The master schedule changes year-to-year. For example, band might have been 1st period last year, but this year it has switched to a different period.
    10. Do I have to take a certain class?
      • There are classes that are required for you to graduate. Please click here for a list of those classes.
    11. I have classes on my schedule that I did not request. Why?
      • Sometimes classes just do not fit in your schedule because every class is not offered every period.
      • Sometimes there are not enough students to create a class.
      • Sometimes you are ineligible to take the class you requested. Please click here to see the Chart Your Course Handbook for course descriptions and prerequisites. 
      • This is why we highly encourage students to list as many alternative classes on their Course Request as possible.
    12. I selected an advanced course (PreAP, AP, OnRamps, Dual Credit), but it is not on my schedule. Why?
      • See the answer to question #11.
    13. Why does it look like I have more than 8 classes on my schedule?
      • It is possible that you have multiple 1-semester classes on your schedule. Two 1-semester classes equal a full year. You count them once, not twice.
      • If you have more than 8 Full Year classes, please let your counselor know.
    14. Can I change from PreAP, AP or OnRamps to Regular?
      • You must wait for the drop window to drop a PreAP, AP or OnRamps class. Your teacher or counselor will give you those instructions.
    15. I can no longer login to my Focus account to see my schedule. What do I do?
      • Click here for instructions.
      • If all else fails, please contact your counselor to get your schedule.
    16. Can I be in AVID Univ 9 or 10 if I am an 11th or 12th grade student?
      • AVID Univ 9 and 10 are for 9th and 10th graders only.
      • You can request to be in College Transition as a 12th grader.
    17. Where do I find my teacher’s Zoom link?
      • See the answer to #7.
    18. Can I take a class I have already taken, and passed, again?
      • You cannot take the same class, for which you have already earned credit, again.
    19. My schedule does not provide a teacher’s name. What do I do?
      • See the answer to #7.
    20. Does my counselor have to have my permission to change my schedule?
      • If your counselor has to make changes to a class that requires a fee, i.e. Band, Cheer, Cosmetology, your counselor will contact you first.
      • If your counselor has to change the level of your class (PreAP, AP, OnRamps, Dual Credit), your counselor will make an effort to contact you first.
      • For all other classes, your counselor does not have to have your permission to make changes.
    21. Can I change my teacher?
      • If you are having an issue with a teacher, the proper procedure for requesting a teacher change is as follows:
        • STEP 1: Parent-Teacher Conference with/without the teacher's Evaluator (Principal)
        • STEP 2: Parent-Teacher-Evaluator (Principal) Conference
        • STEP 3: If the conference results in a teacher change, the teacher's Evaluator will notify your counselor.
      • If you are re-taking a class with the same teacher, please let your counselor know. We try not to put you back with the same teacher if you previously failed the class.