• Before you begin contacting faculty and staff, please know that Pearce High School takes the FERPA Federal law seriously. If we cannot confirm that you or the email address from which you communicate is associated with any student at Pearce High School, we will cease further communication. FERPA prevents us from discussing, providing you with information or making changes when we cannot confirm that you are the parent of record or someone authorized to make inquiries and decisions.


    504 - Accommodations, Meetings

    • Please contact your student's counselor.
      • A-Cam Nicole Jones, 469-593-5103
      • Can-Foj Courtney Murphree, 469-593-5140
      • Fol-Hud Willa Myers, 469-593-5217
      • Hue-Many Crystal Epps, 469-593-5056
      • Manz-O Jamie Nabors, 469-593-5039
      • P-Rat Kristin Cody, 469-593-5123
      • Rau-Stot Christopher Gabel, 469-593-5135
      • Stou-Z Geri Kellogg, 469-593-5101


    Attendance - Absence Note 

    • Parents, from the email address on file in Focus, please email absence notes to the attendance secretary of your student’s grade level.  
    •  Please include the following information:
      • Student Name
      • Student ID #
      • Student Grade Level
      • Dates and Periods Missed
      • Parent signature
    • If you have questions you can call your grade level secretary
      • 9th grade, 469-593-5072
      • 10th grade, 469-593-5086
      • 11th grade, 469-593-5060
      • 12th grade, 469-593-5028


    Attendance - Errors

    • Teachers cannot change the type of absence you see in Focus. 
    • If you feel your student was marked absent in error, please contact the teacher who marked your student absent. The teacher must be the one to contact the attendance secretary to request the correction.


    Attendance - Make Up Hours


    Attendance - Truancy Court

    • Please contact the Assistant Principals for truancy court questions


    Classroom Concerns - Grades, Behavior

    • Please contact your student's teacher first.


    College & Career Planning

    • Please visit the College & Career Center website.


    Change of Student Information - Name, Address, etc.

    • Please click here to download the Change of Student Information Form. 
    • From the parent email address on file in Focus, email the completed form to one of the following. They will follow up with you if they need more information.

    If you cannot email from the email address on file in Focus, please call.


    Chromebook Issues

    • Click here to complete the request for assistance.


    Focus/Google Password Reset (Students)

    • Click here to complete the password reset request form.


    Focus Login Issues (Students)

    • If you have already attempted to log into Focus using the instructions provided and/or reset your password, please email focusgradebook@g.risd.org from your school email.


    Hotspot (Internet) Request

    • Click here to email Mrs. Angie Born to request a 10GB internet hotspot.


    Learning Model Commitment (Virtual or Face-to-Face)

    • To confirm your student's Learning Model Commitment, please call or email one of the following.
    • If there was an error, your student's counselor cannot make those corrections.


    Parking Sticker

    • Students, please see Mrs. Michelle Coady in the 12th Grade Level Office. 


    Special Education - Accommodations, IEPs, ARDs

    • You will need to contact your student's case manager, or the Special Education Department Chair (Christopher Gonzales - christopher.gonzales@risd.org). 




    Verification of Enrollment (VOE Form) - Drivers License


    Withdrawing Your Student

    • Please call the grade level office to start the withdrawal process for your student.
    • We will not send records to your student's new school until you have withdrawn him/her.
    • Your student will be marked absent until you complete the withdrawal process. 
      • Freshmen - 469-593-5072
      • Sophomores - 469-593-5086
      • Juniors - 469-593-5060
      • Seniors - 469-593-5028