• Creating Your Online Account

     Our programs are transitioning to a convenient mobile-friendly online platform for registration, payments and account management. We ask you please take a few minutes to set up your profile within this system to register family members for our programs, track your schedules and manage your payment methods.


    Setting up your Account Profile


    1. Access the new site by browsing to our Registration Website: https://risd.ce.eleyo.com/xplore


    1. Select Sign In at the top of the screen to begin creating your profile.


    1. To create a new profile, log in with Facebook or Google -or- select Create One Now.

    sign in


    1. When creating an account within the system, you will be required to enter your basic contact information including an email address (used for logging in) and a If your email address is recognized, use the Send Forgot Password Email to receive a password set email.


    1. In order for your program administrators to see your profile, once logged in, select the Explore all Programs link and select the program link you are interested in registering for.



    1. Once you have selected the program you would like to attend, you will be prompted to add relationships/children to your account, if applicable. For information on this, click here.


    If you have any questions, please contact us at xplore@risd.org