• Managing Relationships, Emergency Contacts

    & Authorized Pickups for Child Care

    Browse to https://risd.ce.eleyo.com/xplore and login with your email address and password by selecting the Sign In button. Use the Forgot Password link to initiate a set-password email if you cannot remember your password.


    1. In the top right, click on your name then select Your Account/Relationships to view your profile.


    1. Select Add a Relationship to add all family NOTE: When adding a Pre-K student, select Kindergarten and the year they will enter Kindergarten.


    1. Select the Edit button to the right of each person to make any updates.



    After creating the people associated with your Profile, navigate to your Dashboard by selecting Explore All Programs in the top right, and then Your Dashboard.


    1. On the left, under the Manage Family Members section, use Edit Emergency Contacts button under each child to add or update Emergency Contacts



    To prevent creating duplicate users, when adding an Emergency Contact, please search for the name or select from the list provided.


    5.  To add or edit Authorized Pickups, navigate to your Account Page and select Manage Authorized Pickups button under the Account Management section or select the Contract.