• Requesting a Contract for your Student(s)-
    (Enrolling/Registering your child for an xPlore program)


    1. Select Explore all Programs (top right, click on name) then select XPlore! Programs and then Register (on the left).

    2. Select an existing student or select Add a New Child.

           * When adding a new child, complete all of the required fields of information. In order to indicate a grade lower than Kindergarten, select Kindergarten as the     
              grade and indicate the year the student will be entering Kindergarten.
    This will translate to a Pre-K grade and allow for an automated grade promotion with each
              school year.

    1. Continue through the registration screens to enroll each student in the

    2. Once you’ve answered all of the contract questions, in order to submit payment for registration fees should a spot be available, enter a saved payment method and select the Complete Registration button.

    3. You will receive two emails:
      1. Upon completing the application process online, you will receive an email confirming your receipt of request.
      2. Once a spot is available for your student, you will receive a second email confirming your students’ spot.
        • Adding a payment method online when completing the contract request will ensure we can charge the registration fee at the time of accepting your student’s contract. A spot is not guaranteed in the program until the registration fee is confirmed paid. It is strongly encouraged that you add a saved payment method when completing your online application.