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Dear Parents/Carers,

We acknowledge that birthdays are special days for children in school and it is often customary for many parents to ask if their child can share sweets/chocolates with the whole class as a celebration of their child’s birthday.

We have reviewed this practice and after careful consideration, we politely request that birthday treats comply with our ‘No nuts’ and ‘No sesame’ policies. We have a responsibility to safely manage our children with allergies in school.

We do not intend to cause any upset when we make any decision in school. Our goal is to always take into account what we feel is right for our children and include all students. Sending in a food treat to the classroom to celebrate can exclude those children who have food allergies, diabetes, or other dietary restrictions.

Please know that we are not trying to take the fun out of birthdays, but ask that you consider all students. Classroom teachers will continue to recognize children on their special day in special ways. You can also send goodie bags with colored pencils, stickers, fun erasers, or small trinkets for students.

However, if you would like to bring a small treat we ask that it is store-bought, in its original packaging, and complies with our ‘No nuts’ and ‘No sesame’ policies.

If a food item does not adhere to our campus guidelines then we will have to hold the food items in the front office and return it to the parent at the end of the day.

Also, please know that all treats will be handed out at the end of the day before dismissal so as not to conflict with our Texas Public School Nutrition Policy.

Thanks in advance for your flexibility and for caring about the health of our students.

Kind regards,

Jamila Thomas

Campus Principal