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  • Reading is an expectation for all RISD students over the summer, but no tangible project or assignment will be turned in the first few days of school. Students in on-level and Pre-AP courses will have complete choice over their reading.


    The situation for On-Ramps classes is a little different due to the nature and rigor of the courses. On-Ramps courses will have a short list of works for students while still providing some choice. For these courses, there will not be a specific assignment due immediately upon returning to school in August, but students will be working with this literature in the first few of weeks of school for in-class assignments. We encourage students to read additional titles of their choice, as well! On-Ramps students are expected to complete their reading over the summer so that they are not overwhelmed with the amount of reading that will be asked of them in the first weeks of school.

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     2019 Summer Reading Ltr- AP Lit

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