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    Richardson High School provides a comprehensive developmental guidance program. This program provides group as well as individual assistance in a proactive manner which emphasizes the response to students' expected developmental needs at a time when those needs can be most effectively met.

    Academic Achievement Record
    Official Copies of the Academic Achievement Record

    Universities or other entities that request official copies of the AAR directly from the RISD are responsible for obtaining authority from students for release of such records. Students may also request direct mailings of official copies to colleges or to prospective employers. An official AAR provided by the District may be differentiated from the copy given to the student or family. The words "Official Copy" imply that the AAR is transmitted directly from the school to the authorized requesting institution without the possibility of alteration. A transcript copy should be marked or stamped "Official Copy" only at the time of its authorized release to another institution or student-approved recipient, excluding parents. This stamp or manual entry is never put on the original file document and is not placed on the copy provided to the student or family. The principal or his/her designee may also print or type his or her name and title and date the AAR. An embossed school seal may also be used on official copies of the AAR along with the "Official Copy entry.

    RISD must ensure that copies of transcripts are made available to schools to which students transfer. The transfer of the AAR may not be withheld for any reason. The transcript must be forwarded to the receiving district within 30 days of a student's enrollment in that district. The transcript is important for a student's appropriate placement and continued education as well as for various reports and entries on the assessment forms. The right of access to the transcript is protected by law (TEC 25.002). Use the link on the bottom right of this page to request a transcript.


    Campus or District Academic Achievement Record Requests Procedure
    Students may request copies of their AAR (transcripts) through the campus guidance office or the RISD Records Management Office. A request form must be completed and signed by the student and parent (if the student is not of age), designating permission to send grades, college admissions, and other test scores, etc. A fee is normally assessed for this record. In order for the AAR to be "official" (required by educational institutions, scholarships, and other agencies), it must be signed and dated by a school official and the school seal must be affixed. (See "Official Copy" stipulations listed above.)

    College Entrance Test Code Number
    The RHS code number for SAT and ACT testing is 445840.
    This number is used for school identification on the SAT and ACT registration forms.

    Attendance and Other Requirements for Graduation
    1. Students must be enrolled in Richardson Independent School District the first day of a full semester immediately preceding graduation to be granted an RISD high school diploma and/or participation in graduation activities.

    2. Seniors coming from other states may graduate under the sending school's graduation requirements if approved by the sending school, only when it is impossible or impractical to meet RISD graduation requirements. These students can participate in graduation ceremonies, but will receive a diploma from the sending school. For more information, see the grade level campus counselor.

    3. Graduates must have passed all subtests of the Exit level state test in order to receive a diploma (unless exempted through the ARD Committee).

    4. It is the responsibility of the student and the parents to confer with the counselor or the principal and to know at all times how many credits the student has earned, the specific program requirements, and how many units of credit he/she needs to meet the specific requirements for graduation.

    Formal GPA/Rank in Class
    Because a student's rank is confidential information, requests for rank must be made in person or in writing by the student or parent.  Student rank will not be posted.  Other RISD staff members receiving rank for awards, competitions, etc. must follow the rules of confidentiality at all times.  Under no circumstances will this official group list of grade level GPA/Rank be shared with non-RISD persons.

    • GPA is calculated by the District's computer system including 6 decimal places to the right to determine Rank
    • Rank is calculated based on the total number of students in the grade level (class)on the date that the rank is calculated.
    • GPA and Rank is calculated after each semester for grades 9 through 12.  RISD generally calculates Rank the second week of the spring semester and second week after the end of the spring semester.

    Formal Grade Point Average (GPA)/Rank in Class Procedures
    Formal GPA/Rank in Class procedures for students in grades 9-12 will be determined by using grades earned in state-approved courses and state-approved substitutes.  The following courses and exam grades are not included in the calculation of Formal GPA/Rank in Class:

    1.  Correspondence and Distance Learning courses;
    2.  Credit-by-exam;
    3.  Exams for Acceleration;
    4.  Advanced Placement Exams (College Board);
    5.  Dual Credit courses;
    6.  Non-credit courses designated with "L" other than state-approved substitutes for PE including athletics, and fall semester courses of cheerleading/drill team/marching band.
    7.  Graduation courses taken prior to 9th grade.

    Use of Quality Points for GPA/Rank Calculation
    RISD policy [EIC (LOCAL)] stipulates the award of five (5) "quality points" for successful completion of PreAP/Honors courses and eight (8) "quality points" for AP courses with passing grades.  "Passing" grades must by raw semester grades of 70.0+.  NOTE:  Quality points are added to raw semester passing grades for GPA/RANK calculations but are not included in raw semester grades shown on the student's AAR (transcript).

    These grades and quality points may be verified at any time.  The quality points will appear in a separate column on the report card when credit is awarded.  The following additional guidelines also apply to the award and use of quality points.

    Use of Quality Points for PreAP/Honors and/or AP Courses
    The District shall reward students who satisfactorily complete advanced level courses by awarding quality points in those courses for purposes of determining GPA/Rank for class rank, as follows:

    1.  At the end of the semester, passing grades earned in Advanced Placement (AP) courses shall receive eight (8) quality points.
    2.  At the end of the semester, passing grades earned in PreAP/Honors courses shall receive five (5) quality points.
    3.  * All grades earned in AP, PreAP, and/or honors courses taken in other districts shall receive quality points (refer to 1 & 2 above) if the following conditions are met:

    a.  Quality points awarded from schools outside the District will not exceed or be less than the numerical weight of quality points awarded in the District.
    b.  The student or parents provide the official documentation from the sending school for the advanced courses taken if that documentation has not been provided.

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