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  • Multisensory Teaching Approach is a research-based program for the remediation of Dyslexia and other reading disabilities. It follows research begun at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital in 1965 by Aylett R. Cox and Dr. Lucius Waites as they developed the Alphabetic Phonics program. MTA is an Orton-Gillingham multisensory approach to teaching reading that combines Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic instruction. It is based on the alphabet symbol system, teaches the science of the written language and addresses reading, handwriting, and spelling. The MTA curriculum meets all state requirements for the remediation of dyslexia. In fact, the descriptors for remediation were based on this curriculum.

    The MTA program provides a proven approach to teaching reading, spelling, and handwriting to students who require a structured, multisensory presentation. Reliable reading and spelling patterns in the English Language are taught using multisensory discovery techniques that are intensive, systemic, and sequential. Daily lesson plans follow a structured schedule of activities. The rapid moving of this curriculum from one activity to another helps maintain the student’s attention and keeps the student involved throughout the lesson.


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