We're here to listen!
  • Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year Liberty Patriots!  Ms. Rynders and Ms. Daniel, your Patriot Counselors, wish you all the best this year. We are here to help students and parents live their best junior high experience.

     The LJH counseling department is committed to student wellness.  In addition to physical health, wellness also encompasses students' social and emotional wellness: how students respond to stress in their busy lives and how they deal with the highs and lows of relationships with friends, families, and teachers.  Teens don't always know how to balance these aspects of wellness. Sometimes, they stay up too late playing video games or talking with friends on social media, depriving themselves of the sleep they need. Sometimes, they eat junk food instead of choosing a healthy option. They may argue with their friends over petty differences that will seem like no big deal years from now, but feel like the end of the world in that moment. Our goal is to help students navigate the stresses and the pressures of teen life, preparing them and empowering them to lead a life where they are proud of the choices they make and their ability to be resilient when faced with the inevitable challenges of growing into adulthood.


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