ACM Nurse

    Jennifer Gaylor BSN, RN

    The School Nurse's Role

    The scope of the professional school nurse’s practice includes many roles:

    • Clinician – caring for and managing ill or injured students.
    • Consultant – serving as health resource person to parents, students and staff. Also serving as a mentor to new nurses in the district.
    • Researcher – continually gathering and analyzing data to look for trends in an effort to improve health care for students and staff.
    • Teacher – teaching in many formal and informal venues on a variety of health related topics.

    School Nurse responsibilities:

    • Managing the clinic – caring for ill or injured students and staff.
    • Maintaining accurate records – databases of clinic visits for the year, immunization and health concerns database. Preparing state reports at the end of the year.
    • Performing mandated screenings – vision, hearing, scoliosis, and acanthosis nigricans.
    • Making certain that all students are up to date on immunizations.
    • Gathering information, reviewing and managing health concerns – data gathered from the collection of Student Health Information Forms.
    • Teaching in the classroom on a variety of health related topics – nutrition, dental, hand washing, growth and development and HIV, first aid, and school safety.
    • Finding medical, dental, vision and mental health resources for families.
    • Monitoring communicable diseases.  Including weekly reports to the Dallas County Health Department.
    • Being the case manager for special needs students or students with a wide variety of acute or chronic health conditions including students with cancer, diabetes, asthma, seizure disorders, transplants and many others.
    • Administering medications.
    • Monitoring safety issues in the building.
    • Reporting and following up on possible child abuse.
    • Liaison to the community, staff, and parents regarding health issues.
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