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    Welcome to the Counselor's Corner!

    What Does a Counselor Do, Anyway?

    The main purpose of having a school counselor in the school building is to help ALL students feel safe and good about themselves so they can do their best academically and learn as much as they can while at school.  Our job is to help all students in the areas of academic achievement, personal/social development, and career development. 

    Of course, we have many other jobs and wear many other “hats” during the school year. The list below will help you understand what we do at Bowie.


    • Teach guidance lessons to all students
    • Counsel individual students with identified needs
    • Guide students in making educational and career decisions (for example: sixth-to-seventh grade registration)
    • Consult parents and teachers about given needs of their students
    • Serve on ARD/CSI Committee
    • Facilitate
    • REACH nominations
    • Orient new students
    • Oversee Peer Mediation to help prevent school violence and promote conflict resolution
    • Help supervise STAAR testing
    • Serve as 504 Coordinator for the school
    • Help coordinate Red Ribbon Week and teach drug prevention

     Counselor Responsibilities

    The counseling program is based in part on an annual needs assessment. The counselor surveys the faculty for input on the areas of most concern for teachers and students. In additional to teaching guidance lessons to Bowie students throughout the school year, the counselor also works on the following programs.

     Responsive Services        Individual Planning System Support

    CSI Planning


    Newcomer Groups

    Network Santa

    Clothes Closet

    Lunch Bunch groups on the topics of: divorce, anger management, school success, self-esteem, stress management, loss/grief

    Conduct Needs Assessment to determine guidance needs

    Confer with teachers and follow-up to assist in student success

    Peer Mediation Coordinator

    Courtesy Patrol Coordinator

    Pre-Registration for Junior High

    Sixth-to-Seventh Grade Transition

    Career Day

    College Day

    REACH referrals

    Assist with Kindergarten Round-Up

    Design behavior plans to help students be and feel successful; follow-up with teacher and students

    Encourage AVID participation for sixth grade students

    Staff Development:

    -Referral Process

    -Testing Security Integrity

    -STAAR training

    Instructional Leadership Team

    Campus Learning Communities Activities

    Site-Based Facilitator

    Facilitate Testing

    Campus/Building Safety

    Maintain communication with parents and teachers, including newsletters, emails, phone calls, etc.

    Red Ribbon Week Coordinator