• Safety Patrol

    Safety Patrol is a group of responsible 5th and 6th grade students who help keep our school safe in the morning by greeting students in the morning, opening car doors, and crossing students safely across the street each day. 


          In order to be on Safety Patrol students must fill out an application, have 2 teacher recommendations and turn in the application by the due date.


    Safety Patrol Members MUST:


    • Follow all classroom/school rules and respect teachers and students at all times.

    • Be a positive role model.

    • Exhibit maturity and responsibility while on duty.

    • Be responsible in remembering assigned duty times and locations, showing up on time

    • Maintain a “C” average or above in all classes as indicated on the report card.

    • Maintain an “E” or “S” in conduct as indicated on the report card.

    • Have no office referrals resulting in a consequence from the principals.


    Our sponsors for Safety Patrol are Miss Latimer and Mrs. Leija. 

     Please contact them if you have any questions.