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    If your child's dress is deemed inappropriate, you will be notified and asked to bring appropriate clothing for your student to change into. Cleanliness, neatness, modesty, and safety considerations can have an impact on the learning environment.  Together, we can ensure that our children learn in a positive environment.

  • Northwood Hills Dress Code


    Please guide your child to use good judgment in dressing for school.  We hope to instill a "Dress for Success" attitude!


    • Wear shoes at all times (health requirement).  Flip-flops are not appropriate. 

    • Shoes with "wheels" are not to be worn. 

    • Wear shirts/tops that meet the belt level of jeans, skirts or shorts.  Shirts/tops that hang longer than upper to mid-thigh should be worn tucked in. 

    • Oversized or undersized (too tight) or sagging clothes are not appropriate. 

    • Pants that drag the floor are not appropriate. 

    • Tube/tank tops or mesh shirts are not appropriate if worn alone. 

    • Shirts with oversized armholes are not appropriate if worn alone. 

    • Spaghetti straps are not allowed.  Please be sure the strap is at least 3 fingers in width. 

    • Pants, skirts, and shorts will be worn at waist level. 

    • Skirts/dresses must be at least middle fingertip in length and parental supervision is requested to ensure appropriateness. 

    • Wearing shorts during hot weather is acceptable.  Shorts should come down to at least the student's fingertips but must also be appropriate in fit, regardless of leggings and/or tights. 

    • Colored hair for the purposes of school spirit or special themes is not appropriate. 

    • Large chains/sharp pointed jewelry may not be worn. 

    • Piercings other than ears may not be worn. 

    • Hats/caps, bandanas, heavy jackets, or sunglasses may not be worn in the building. 

    • Outerwear (heavy jackets) may not be worn in the building.  A light sweater or hoodie is acceptable.  Jacket hoods may not be worn during school. 

    • Apparel/physical appearance which causes disruptions or interruptions among students or staff will not be allowed.  The principal, assistant principal, and/or teacher will inform the student if this situation exists.