Atomic Learning
  • Atomic Learning 

    In order to provide RISD employees with a wide variety of professional development opportunities, the district have acquired access to Atomic Learning. Atomic Learning is a partner in out dedication to providing the highest quality technology traning resouces available. 


    Please register in TrueNorthLogic for the course titled Atomic Learning Credit (Paraprofessional)

    To get started, go to

    User Name: your RISD email address  (  

    password: Atomic


    There are over 50,000 software hot-to-videos tutorials so help you when you come acrees software tasks you aren't sure how to complete. Paraproffesionals are free to use anything they find in Atomic Learning towards the 12 hours of required PD> Any use of Atomic Learning tutorials outside your normal work day will count towars your required PD hours. Once you login, just search for the title of the software or program you want to learn. Please print a Detailed Activity Report from Atomic Learning and submit as an External Credit Request in True North Logic.


    For questions, contact Debra Atchison, Technology Professional Development.