These answers we feel are best and will modify weekly as needed while we assess how to safely serve our students in the VLCs and xPlore. We are ever mindful to remain in compliance with all local, state, and national health authorities in addition to the Governor’s mandate for emergency guidelines for all licensed child care centers. 



    Will age groups mix?

         A. Age groups, if mixed, will do so accordingly. 3 and 4 year olds, K-1st, 2nd-3rd, 4th-6th. We're anticipating having a group for each grade level at the very least though.


    What is the student to teacher ratio?

         A.  PreK-2 will be 1:5

         B.  3rd-6th grade: 1:10



    Will it be the same teachers daily?

         A.  We will have two shifts of employees daily.


    Are water bottles allowed?
         A. Yes
    Do students need to wear a mask? If so, will this include the 3 year olds?
         A. Yes, all students will be required to wear a face mask per Dr. Stone's video on Thursday, July 30, 2020.



    I am wondering what kind of staff will be working with students in terms of level of education/training/support. 

           A. On all sites we will have staff who regularly work for xplore and their education varies. However, all have received training as it pertains to after school programming.  Additionally, we will provide specific training as it pertains to our response to COVID but also how to support and assist students during virtual learning.



    What is your Tax ID#?
    Our Tax ID is 75-6002311. It's been reported that while putting the ID number in certain tax software, you might receive an error message. Eventually, it takes it.


    Can I request a refund?

    Refunds must be requested by completing this form. All forms and documentation must be turned in to the Extended Learning Office/xPlore! office within 30 days of withdrawal. Refunds will only be considered in the event of job loss, medical issues, or relocation. More information, including the xPlore! address, is available on the Refund Request Form.


    Can I request a receipt of payment?
    You may retrieve a receipt by logging into your account through EZChildTrack.com/xPlore


    What age students does xPlore! serve?
    xPlore! serves students from Kindergarten until the student has completed 6th grade.

    When does the program begin?
    The xPlore! After School Elementary Program begins on the first day of school and operates on the same calendar as the district.


    What does a typical day in xPlore! look like?

    Students arrive when dismissed from their regular school day. They have snack time, take a restroom break and work on homework until 4:00. Alternative activites are created for the younger age groups that don't have homework. After, students enjoy time of enrichment activities with embedded academics. Physical Activity is a big part of xPlore! so kids will a chance for free play as well as structured games.

    Does my child have to enroll for all 5 days each week?
    A child may enroll for less than 5 days in a fee-based school if the parent indicates the specific days the child will attend at the time of registration. The child may only attend on the days specified. 


    Are scheduled/unscheduled drop-ins allowed?
    No. Unfortunately, xPlore! cannot allow scheduled nor unscheduled drop-ins. A child may attend xPlore! only on the days of the week indicated on the registration card. 

    Where do I register my child?
    Go to www.ezchildtrack.com/xPlore

    When and how do I pay? Payments are due on Mondays of each week. xPlore! After School Programs accepts checks, money orders or online payments through EZChildTrack.com/xPlore. Please make checks payable to your xPlore campus. Ex. xPlore-(your campus name). A $10 late payment fee will be charged if all of that week's tuition is not paid by the Wednesday after the due date. RISD will charge a $20 fee for checks returned for insufficient funds (NSF.) NSF checks must be cleared no later than 10 days after RISD notifies a parent of a NSF check. Checks will not be accepted from a parent who gives RISD more than one insufficient check. Payments must then be made by money order. Cash payments may only be made in person or placed in the overnight box at the Central xPlore! Office, also known as the Extended Learning Department @ 701 W. Belt Line Rd., Richardson, TX 75080.

    Who will be supervising my child while he or she is attending xPlore!?
    RISD employs certified teachers and instructional assistants for each program site. RISD staff members undergo a full criminal background screening, which includes fingerprinting, prior to employment.

    Will children have time to relax and play during the After School Program?
    Yes. The program allots time for free play as well as structured games and activities.

    Will my child receive a snack in xPlore?
    Yes, a nutritious snack is provided each day.