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    The RISD Food and Nutrition Services Deparment maintains additional nutrition information on a separate website. Please click here to visit their site.

    Meal Offerings & Reimbursable Meals:
    All menus offered in the cafeteria are planned by registered dietitians and meet the nutritional guidelines set forth by the United States and Texas Departments of Agriculture. When a student consumes a complete breakfast, he or she receives ¼ of the daily Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) for the student’s age. Consuming a complete lunch ensures that the student receives 1/3 of the daily RDA’s for the student’s age.

    RISD has a three-week cycle menu that is individualized for elementary, junior high and high school students. The menus are printed annually and are available at each campus, from the Child Nutrition office or on the website.

    School Breakfast:
    School breakfast consists of a choice of one milk, a choice of one fruit and a choice of either two grain/breads or a meat and a grain/bread, depending on the menu. To get a reimbursable meal, students may select a minimum of three or a maximum of four components. Components are milk, fruit, bread and meat. Students may choose three or four components to pay the breakfast price or receive meal benefits. This means they can decline any one component of their choice. Students who choose only two components or who choose more items from the same category (i.e. juice/fruit) will be charged a la carte prices.

    School Lunch:
    Students may select from the five components to build a school lunch. Components are fruit, grain/bread, meat/meat alternate, milk and vegetables. A minimum of three different components must be taken to pay the lunch price or to receive meal benefits. Students who take less than three different components or who take more than five different components will be charged a la carte prices.

    Students do not have to take the meat/meat alternate and do not have to take milk. Student may choose two different vegetables or one vegetable and a fruit for their fruit and vegetable components.

    Pay for Lunch with Your Credit Card:
    You can make payments for a child's lunch account with your credit card by visiting the Web site Pam's Lunch Room at

    At Pam's Lunch Room, you can use your MasterCard or Discover Card to prepay for your child's account. A 5 percent handling fee (labeled SHIPPING) is added for each prepay increment.

    If you have any questions or comments about Pam's Lunch Room, please contact Anna Henderson in Child Nutrition at 469-593-0108.

    Free and Reduced Meal Program:
    Richardson ISD provides free and reduced-price cafeteria meals for students from families who qualify based on federal government guidelines. The meals served each school day are offered through the National School Breakfast Program/National School Lunch Program.

    Applications for meal benefits may be picked up at the school office or from the Child Nutrition Office. Applications are distributed to every student at the beginning of each school year. They are accepted throughout the school year.

    For more information on free and reduced applications, please contact Anna Henderson at 469-593-0108 in the Child Nutrition Office.

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