• Homework

    Students will recieve homework during the week. It may be unfinished work or an extension of classroom studies. Parents should not need to instruct a child, but be ready to assist when needed. The pupil should be able to understand and complete an assignment in a short time. Drill type activities will be constructed to enable quick completion, while major projects will require more time. All assignments are made for practice, extension, or review. If a child is having difficulty with assignments or spending long periods of time on them, please contact the teacher to discuss the situation.


    In accordance with state law and RISD policies, free tutorial services will be provided for students who are having difficulties. Tutoring will be offered Mondays after school. A need for tutoring will be discussed by phone or email. 

    Progress Reports/Report Cards

    Grades reflecting a student’s progress are distributed through report cards every 9 weeks. These grades are a reflection of a child’s mastery of essential elements in the various subjects and are intended to be a gauge of the progress a child is making based on classroom expectations as well as the capabilities of the child.

    Progress notices are provided to all students in the middle of the nine-week grading period. It is hoped that this progress report will provide the incentive for a student to improve in any problem areas before the official grades are placed on the report card.

    Parents and students can check grades online using Focus. Parents and Students hust have an account to access Focus.

    Parent Conferences

    Conferences may be arranged by calling the teacher’s phone or by sending a note or e-mail to the teacher. Teachers will make every attempt to work with parents’ schedules.

    Friday Folders

    Students will bring home various types of information each Fridqy in an envelope which is provided by the school. Parents should read this information, sign anything which requires a timely response, and sign the envelope by the appropriate date so that the student can return the envelope to school.