• 10 Reasons Students Come to Ms. Fishman's Office


    1. When you are excited, happy, sad or angry.

    2. When you are doing great in school or not doing so great in school.

    3. You're not sure what classes to take in Junior High.

    4. You had a fight with a friend or family member.

    5. Your friends are angry with you.

    6. Someone you love is sick or moving away.

    7. You want to help someone, but aren't sure how.

    8. You want to be friends with someone, but your other friends don't.

    9. You weren't honest or someone wasn't honest with you.

    10. Just to have lunch together.


    There are many ways to get to visit with me:

    • Send me an email:  robin.fishman@risd.org

    • Call me:  469-593-5707

    • Write me a note and put it on my desk or by my computer

    • Write a note on my whiteboard

    • Put a note in the box outside my door

    • Ask your teacher

    • Ask your parent to contact me

    • Stop me in the hall (but without a note I may not remember


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