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  • Physical Education

    The Physical Education program at Yale works to develop eye-hand coordination while teaching students teamwork and perseverance.  Some of the activities students participate in throughout the year are:

    Hoop Shoot

    Fitnessgram--Physical Fitness Testing

    Skill Development in all major sports

     Yale's PE teachers are:  Mrs. Leah Worthington and Mr. Terence Whitaker


    Through the Art curriculum, students study and gain an appreciation for fine art. They have the opportunity to paint, sculpt, draw, collage and more. Each year, the 4th graders enjoy a field trip to the Dallas Museum of Art.

     Yale's Art teachers are: Ms. Madison Weakly and Ms. Darlene Payton


    Our Music program features a 4, 5th and 6th grade choir. Every student K-6 enjoys general music education classes where they play instruments, sing, and learn basic Music theory. 6th graders also have the opportunity to sign up for band or orchestra classes. Yale students enjoy field trips to the symphony and other professional musical performances.

     Yale's Music teachers are:  Ms. Jennifer Pratt and 

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