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  • There are so many ways to volunteer at WRE, and we are grateful for all of your help!


    Please make sure that you have gone online to submit a background check. Here is the link: https://www.risd.org/group/community/Volunteer_Opportunities/volunteer-application-form.asp

    This is something that must be done every year, and before you plan on chaperoning a field trip or helping in the classroom. Please make sure you have completed this. The background check is a district wide requirement. 

    We ask that you do not bring siblings up to school when you volunteer, and that you are careful not to interrupt classroom instruction. 

    Additionally, all non-employee visitors and volunteers are required to furnish a valid government identification card in the office to gain admittance to an RISD school or facility. While in the building, all visitors and volunteers must wear the Raptor Badge indicating they have registered their visit in the office. If you do not provide proper identification, you will NOT be allowed to enter the building. 


    Your child's safety is our number one priority! We thank you for adhearing to our guidelines and rules, and helping keep our school safe.