• The Arts

    Jess Harben offers a variety of Arts programs for all students. K-6th participate in weekly classes in music and visual arts and each grade level performs for an audience at least once a year. Extracurricular activities include Band, Orchestra and Choral singing.  Students grades 4-6 also have an opportunity to work in video production by being a part of the weekly News Crew.


    Band meets each day after school. 6th graders are welcome to join the band and participate in a number of school and district wide activities. The instructors are RISD staff. Here is their contact information: Chris.Pineda@risd.org and Chris.Bronson@risd.org and Lynne.Thornton@risd.org. The Junior high band website is http://www.Libertypatriotband.org.


    Each grade level has music twice a week for 45 minutes. We focus on rhythms, pitches, reading music, singing songs and playing instruments. Once a month, at the PTA meetings, each grade level puts on a performance either with the music teacher, the PE teacher, or the 5th grade Language Arts teacher.

     There are several annual field trips we get to go on. 3rd grade goes to the Eisemann Center to hear the Richardson Symphony Orchestra. 5th grade goes to Berkner HS or Lake Highlands HS to hear their orchestras and the All District Elementary Choir. 6th grade goes to Berkner HS for the Choral Festival performanced by Berkner HS, Liberty JS, and Apollo JS. 6th grade also goes to see an opera at the AT&T Winspear Opera House.

     Our choir is call "Here comes Treble.". We meet on an after school basis. Please talk to Ms. Kimmel for details. They will perform at two of the PTA meetings, school assemblies, 6th grade Graduation and participate in a competition at Sandy Lake Amusement Park.

     Things can get busy in the music department, but we always have fun.

      Visual Arts Vision

    Students are highly engaged in art and profound curriculum is producing high performing students through focused, reflective, and innovative art instruction.