Morning Arrival:
          ● Teachers’ arrival time is at 7:30am, unless it is your duty week. If you have morning duty, you need to be at your
            post by 7:15am.     
          ● Students will have breakfast in their classrooms every morning.

    Afternoon Dismissal:

    • All students will be dismissed at 3:00. Car riders will be picked up in the front drive.

           ● All afternoon duty begins at 3:00pm daily. Doors will open for dismissal promptly at 3:05pm. Support personnel
            will be in the grade level hallway they support at 3:00pm to ensure we are promptly arriving to dismissal locations.
           ● Duty schedule will switch at semester.
           ● Support personnel: If you are going to be absent, or at a district meeting, please email the team your support, as
            well as your administrator to let them know.
           ● For more details, please see Arrival and Dismissal handouts provided via email and drive.



    Occasionally, an unavoidable delay will cause a student to be tardy. When a student is tardy, valuable instructional time is missed and causes a disruption in the educational process. It is crucial that your child is in his/her seat and ready to work prior to 8:00 AM.  Students who are not sitting in their seats by 8:00 AM will be marked tardy. A student who is more than 5 minutes late to a class period will be designated as absent for a partial day and the absence will be counted as an unexcused absence on the attendance record. Parents will receive a letter from the principal if their child is tardy five or more times during a six weeks period.  Students with ten tardies will be reported to RISD Student Services office. Direct instruction begins immediately every day.


    Releasing Students from School During the Day

    At no time are students allowed to leave the campus grounds without permission from school personnel and parents. Parents must come into the office to sign their child out if he/she needs to leave during the school day. Office staff will call the student to the office. Children may only be released to persons listed on the emergency card. If anyone other than the persons listed on the emergency card is picking up your child, the school has to have a written note, signed and dated by the parent. Any persons picking up a child MUST have a driver’s license.


    Withdrawing from School

    It is important to notify the Aikin Elementary office of a student’s withdrawal a week (when possible) before his/her last day. Please contact the school office (469) 593-1820 for information.


    School Traffic/Parking

    Front Drive - Before school:  Our Safety Patrol will be available to assist students who are dropped off in the front drive.  Please be sure to pull all the way down to the next available cone, BEFORE YOU DROP OFF CHILDREN. Form one line of cars to avoid accidents. Students ARE NOT allowed to be dropped off in the street to cross traffic.


    Front Drive - After school:  Please pull next to the curb closest to the building.  Form one line of cars to avoid accidents.  Safety Patrol members will be stationed in the front drive and at crosswalks to assist students. Students and adults should not cross in the middle of the drive.  All Aikin Elementary students are dismissed at 3:00 PM, so please be patient as a large number of students are leaving the campus at this time. Please see after school dismissal plan for specific details for each grade level.


    To protect our students, do not park in the front drive of the school at any time.  This area is reserved as a fire lane and will be enforced by the Fire Marshall and the Dallas Police Department. Unattended vehicles illegally parked will be ticketed.  If you need to park for even a moment, please park across the street from the school.


    Faculty Parking Lot

    Please do not use the faculty parking lot for dropping off or picking up children. ONLY daycare providers, delivery trucks, and faculty may use the faculty parking lot. Students who attend PACE will be picked up at the cafeteria door in the rear circle drive.


    Bicycle Racks

    Students riding bicycles are expected to:

    1. Wear protective head gear.
    2. Park your bicycle in the bike rack.
    3. Each bicycle must be locked to a bike rack.  Do not lock the bike to any other structure on the campus.
    4. All students must walk his/her bike when on school grounds for safety.


    • The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen bikes or scooters.
    • Roller blades, skateboards and electric scooters are not allowed on school grounds.


    Visiting the School

    Parents and/or visitors who enter Aikin Elementary must come to the office to sign in and receive a badge. For security and safety reasons, a copy of your driver’s license will be made and kept in the office. This copy will be returned to you when you leave the campus.  If you would like to visit or observe in your child’s class, please fill out a parent observation form and a criminal background check in the office. We request that observations be scheduled in advance with your child’s teacher if possible.


    Classroom Interruptions

    Messages for students will be placed in the teachers’ mailboxes.  Students will be called to the office only in case of an emergency. To prevent classroom interruptions, office staff will deliver items brought to the school after 8:00 AM.   




    Homework is instructionally based, out-of-class activities assigned to students to provide practice, preparation for, or extension of classroom learning. It is an important part of a student’s total learning experience. Specific guidelines will be distributed by the teachers at the beginning of each school year explaining the grade level homework policy.


    School Parties

    There are three scheduled parties during the school year.  These are scheduled before the Winter Break, Valentine’s Day and the last instructional day.  Parties may begin no earlier than 2:15 PM and must end before 3:00 PM.  Teachers will contact parents with party details as these dates arrive.


    Birthday Celebrations

    Birthdays are special to children of all ages. Students who are celebrating a birthday are invited to come to the office before 8:00 AM to be recognized on the morning announcements and to lead the school in the Pledge of Allegiance.  If you would like to send a healthy snack that is individually wrapped to recognize your child’s birthday, please notify the teacher and be sure to send one for each student in your child’s class. Due to Food Service regulations, no outside food items may be handed out before 1:00 PM. Balloons will be held at the front office until the end of the day if they are brought to school. Party invitations may not be distributed at school by students or staff. Parents are welcome to hand deliver invitations to other parents only, not to students.