Hello my name is Vanessa Perez, and I am excited to be a part of the Aikin Family. I attended the University of North Texas (Go Mean Green) where I Studied Art Education. I recieved my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Art Studies in 2011. I started teaching in Dallas ISD and then made my way to RISD. My mediums of choice are painting, fibers, printmaking,watercolors and mixed media but I love all facets of art and creativity. I do believe I have a gift for giving myknowledge to my students to let them take these ideas and concepts to be creative artist themselves. I have the passion and drive to show my students everything I have learned and continue to learn. Molding students to be creative to use their imagination and use what they have learned and apply that tpo their work/life is my philosophy. I want to changestudent's view on art and open their eyes and see there is more to art than this and why it is important in our daily lives. I hope to grow from my students as well because they inspire me everyday.


    Mrs. Perez



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